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Videos about GIS and ICT

Videos over GIS en ICTThe Netherlands is a densely populated country. We are careful with the space we have. We have information about every point and plane in the terrain. Many new ways of data collection and powerful data analysis and machine learning techniques create revolutionary new possibilities such as the Internet of things and Smart Cities. The geo-information also helps us to monitor climate change. Below you will find a number of videos about GIS and ICT and various other topics.

Business, science and government have joined forces to arrive at a geo-future vision. This vision is recorded in the vision document Geo Samen. GeoSamen is a collaborative program of government, knowledge institutions and the business community, based on a shared vision of the future of the geo sector.

Our vision is that our geo-sector has a lot of knowledge and that it is a huge growth market. The introverted surveying companies and the intrusiveness of expensive software vendors still limit us a bit. Most importantly, our sector still needs thousands of new and young employees. As a platform for starters in the geo sector, we are happy to contribute.