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Course: SPSS Basic


This SPSS Basic course lasts 3 days and costs € 1395.
Basic knowledge of statistics is required as prior knowledge. The statistical software package SPSS, developed by Norman Nie and Hadlai Hull, was the first statistics program available for Windows. In the beginning it was mainly used for social sciences. Today it is also used in research fields such as marketing, market research and fraud detection. Due to the user-friendly interface and the wide range of functionality, SPSS is one of the most widely used data analysis packages. This SPSS course is a first introduction. The aim of the course is to introduce the student to the analysis and presentation of quantitative data. The practical approach and the handles offered in this way ensure a simple translation from theory to practice.

Content of Course: SPSS Basic

On the first day, a short refresher course on statistics is given. The purpose, methods and methods of analysis are discussed. Then the basic matters of SPSS are discussed. This includes things like what SPSS is for and what it is for, the use of SPSS, and entering data. At the end of this day, the student will be comfortable with the user interface.
On the second day, the work continues on the first day. It explains how descriptive analyzes can be made and how the somewhat advanced functions such as temporary selections and the split file work. The graphical possibilities of SPSS are also discussed in detail. At the end of this day, the student can analyze simple data and draw his conclusions from this.
On the third day, the knowledge is expanded with various parametric and non-parametric tests. It is told when which test should be used and what the preconditions for these tests are. For example, the Chi-square test, the t-test and the correlation test are done. Finally, the ANOVAs are discussed.

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