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Course: R GGPlot


This R GGPlot course lasts 2 days. We would like to receive an information request from you. Then we will inform you about the costs.

Geo-ICT Training Center, The Netherlands applies high group discounts for students abroad.

This course is suitable for people who can already program R and who now want to get acquainted with this very powerful package. Analyzing data is done for several reasons: discovering trends in the data, identifying outliers or detecting useful information. It is customary to sketch figures for each of these purposes. Various packages have been built on the R programming language that facilitate the life of a data analyst. GGplot2 is one of the most used packages to create very slick, informative and clear figures. In order to cover the complete functionality of ggplot2, during this course R GGPlot, attention will also be paid to manipulating data sets using the dplyr and reshape2 packages. A picture says more than a thousand words becomes reality with this package: ‘Let the data tell the story.’

Content of Course: R GGPlot

Day 1:
On the first day, the student will receive a broad introduction in which he will receive an overview of GGplot
The student learns to manipulate large data frames (> 100,000 data points) efficiently
On the basis of sample data, exercises are done with the visualization of basic figures such as bar graphs and scatter plots

Day 2:
The student learns to use functions of ggplot 2 to adjust graph components such as legends and axes
The student practices visualizing ordinal data and different groups in the data (years, height, nationality)
We practice applying the functions to large data sets. The student will also have the opportunity to enter their own data.

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