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Course: Power BI Desktop


The Power BI Desktop course lasts 1 day. We would like to receive an information request from you. Then we will inform you about the costs.

Geo-ICT Training Center, The Netherlands applies high group discounts for students abroad.

Power BI Desktop is designed for analysts. Advanced interactive visualizations are combined with built-in data queries and modeling. Create and publish your reports in Power BI so you can provide others with timely insights anywhere, anytime.

Content of Course: Power BI Desktop

During the course, you learn how to make reports more easily and efficiently with the data stored within your organization with Power BI Desktop. Connect to all your data, whether in the cloud or on premise, whether it is a database or an Excel file. Power BI Desktop has hundreds of connectors for every imaginable data source.

You can easily transform and manipulate all this data so that you can quickly put it in a report.

Create relationships between the different data sources and discover patterns that you wouldn’t otherwise discover. Create interactive reports with beautiful visual effects and share this data with everyone via desktop, web or mobile.

Learning objectives during this course:

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