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Course: Apache Cassandra​



The Apache Cassandra course lasts 2 days. We would like to receive an information request from you. Then we will inform you about the costs.

Geo-ICT Training Center, The Netherlands applies high group discounts for students abroad.

In the Apache Cassandra course you will get to know this noSQL database system, which is for example used by Twitter. It is suitable for large data collections, which change quickly. The database system is characterized by good scalability and error tolerance.

Content of Course: Apache Cassandra

During the Apache Cassandra course you will be introduced to the basic principles and structure of Apache Cassandra. The course starts with an explanation of the applications and advantages and disadvantages of a noSQL database. Then you will work with a Cassandra database environment. You will learn how to manage information in this database and how to integrate it into your applications and systems.

The following topics are covered during this course:

  • Data model
  • Working with nodes

  • Columns, rows, primary keys, tables
  • Denormalization​
  • Sort columns
  • Composite primary keys

  • Data types and aggregate data
  • Create and drop index in Cassandra
  • Cassandra Collection: Set, List Map with example

  • SELECT statements
  • UPDATE / INSERT statements

  • Information request

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